Josh Kayani

Josh Kayani

Hey, I'm Josh Kayani, a student and fledgling software developer. Here, I rant and rave about tech and other topics.


Who are you?

In case you missed it (it’s on the right side of the page), my name is Josh Kayani. I’m an aspiring undergrad, currently studying Computer Science at North Carolina State University, in Raleigh, NC. Go Pack!

I also serve as an officer in NC State’s ACM/AITP chapter - my main job is to manage our website, and otherwise help with club administration.

Are you looking for internship/job opportunities?

For Summer 2018, I’ll be a Software Engineering Intern at IBM in Durham, NC. I’m still interested in opportunities for the future, and you can contact me via email here, or find me online:



What can you do?

Most of my experience is in the web stack; but, here are lists (in decreasing order of familiarity) of everything I’ve ever worked with:

School Research Other
  • Java - including FindBugs, Checkstyle, PMD, and EclEmma plugins
  • C - C99 standard, with GCC compiler and GDB debugger
  • Jenkins (continuous integration)
  • LaTeX
  • Microsoft Assembler (Microsoft Macro Assembler)
  • Chrome Extensions - written with JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Flask - a Python framework for basic server stuff
  • SQLite - a simple database system
  • R - a math and statistics geared programming language, great for data analytics
  • Google Apps Script
  • Visual Basic for Applications
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Jekyll and Github Pages
  • TI-BASIC - used to program calculators!
  • PHP and mySQL, specifically with WordPress
  • Django - another Python framework, also for basic server stuff
  • Linux (specificially, Ubuntu and Red Hat)

 What’s your tech setup?

I’m currently using a Dell XPS 13 (Early 2015) running Arch Linux and the i3 window manager. My preferred general-purpose text editor is Vim, and I currently use Eclipse for Java development. I’ve also started writing which I support on my website with MathJax, and write on my computer with TeXStudio.

This site used to be powered by Jekyll, and then switched to WordPress, and is now back to Jekyll again, but this time with the support of Github Pages!