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Josh Kayani

Hey, I'm Josh Kayani, a student and fledgling software developer. Here, I rant and rave about tech and other topics.

Reflecting on year 2 at NC State

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This past year, I’ve done quite a bit! By finishing my sophomore year at NC State, I’ve cleared most of the introductory/required computer science classes including:

I definitely enjoyed all of these, especially CSC 236, 246, and 333 (all taken this past semester); with Assembly Language and Operating Systems, the whole magic behind why/how a computer works is unveiled, and it answered a lot of the questions I had about the details of turning public static void main (String args []) {} into machine code. Automata was one of the best, but hardest, classes I’ve ever taken at NC State - the course focused on the different classes of finite automata and languages, and the theory of computation. It was pretty proof-based, and I got a lot more out of it mathematically than the class I took for my math minor, MA 341: Applied Differential Equations - it’s too bad it doesn’t count towards it.

As a result of all of this, I’m now familiar/proficient in MASM (Microsoft Assembler for 16-bit DOS), C (C99 standard), and LaTeX!

In terms of required classes, all that’s left for me to take are:

Additionally, I became an officer in NC State’s ACM/AITP (Association of Computing Machinery/Association of Information Technology Professionals) organization - I help organize tech talks, workshops, our annual Pig Pickin’ tradition, and run the website.

Also, I’ll be serving the department as a Computer Science ambassador - we basically help market the department to prospective students, and serve as a point of contact for people with questions about us.

Finally, I’ve accepted an offer to serve as a Software Engineering Intern at Dude Solutions. They’re a SaaS provider, and I’ll be working on the backend of some of their operations management software - mostly C# and SQL Server.

I’m pretty excited for what’s in store, and to jump into electives! Here’s to the future!