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Hey, I'm Josh Kayani, a student and fledgling software developer. Here, I rant and rave about tech and other topics.

Research: An Update

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The last time I mentioned research, I was starting an REU during the Spring 2016 semester at NC State. Now, it’s Summer 2016, and I’m still here – I was given the opportunity to continue working on my project as part of the Science of Software REU.

The work has been challenging, but quite rewarding. Admittedly, I joined the project expecting to just be a programmer writing a Chrome extension, but I’ve learned a lot about software engineering research and academic computer science, alongside working with asynchronous JavaScript (the entire Chrome extension API) and deploying Flask applications (the backend). Looking back, it’s been an eclectic mix of academia and system administration!

Being able to work with intelligent faculty and PhD students is quite invaluable; they’re not only intelligent and wise, but they make for great friends too.

By the end of the summer, I plan to have my Chrome extension finalized with the necessary IRB paperwork sent off – this way, we can begin a pilot study with actual developers using the extension, and come closer to collecting data we can write a paper on!