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Contributing to open source for the first time

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Over the summer – my last one before starting university – I was looking for a project to get into. I had a Github account, and I’d worked on a bunch of small personal projects before, but never had I contributed to someone else’s work. It just seemed too hard; how could I contribute anything of value to a project I didn’t create?

That same summer, I also rediscovered my interest in Google Chrome browser extensions. I spend a lot of time in the browser, and thought it’d be cool to develop an extension of my own, something to “itch my own scratch”. I found it even cooler when I realized you could just whip ’em up with good ol’ HTML/CSS/JavaScript. So hey, why not just contribute to a Chrome extension project somewhere?

If you’re interesting in developing your own Chrome extensions (they’re really cool), I’d simply head over to and hack away!


One of my favorite Chrome extensions is Awesome Screenshot, a handy tool for, as you guessed it, taking screenshots. I take a bunch of screenshots when browsing the web; sometimes it’s for amusement and sharing, other times to explain a problem better, since a picture tells a thousand words. I was using Awesome Screenshot, and realized there was no easy way to save screenshots to Google Drive, the cloud platform of choice for me. A quick Google search pulled up the extensive Drive API, and I realized I could probably just hack this together myself. Here goes.


After an hour or two, I had a working product, but one that didn’t fit my needs. The biggest issue, for me, was folder navigation – say I wanted to save a screenshot in the “Screenshots” folder nested inside the “My Drive” folder; how would I do that? It became a bit of a debacle in terms of both UI and logic to implement; eventually, I got things working, and looking back on it, realized I basically just implemented the idea of a file path. If only I’d realized the problem I was dealing with had only been solved. Regardless, after bit of a polishing, I had a hacked together feature I was**proud of.


![Eureka - I can traverse the file hierarchy! ]( – I can traverse the file hierarchy!


Remember how I wanted to have something to put on Github? Well it turns out, Awesome Screenshot was hosted on there, and the developer was happily accepting contributions. So, I downloaded the Github client for Windows, read up on the general rules/guidelines to requesting a pull request, and tried my luck. I’m happy to say that after a revision or two (mainly code style), my first pull request was accepted. I’d done it – I contributed to open source, all from scratching my own itch!